Hope for Kids Executive Summary and Evaluation Report – PREL – August 2015

Started in May 2009 by the Foundation, the Hope for Kids Initiative brought together 10 Partners from around the state of Hawaiʻi. All of the Partners committed to working together and with the Foundation to expand and enhance their efforts at bringing hope to kids in their communities through developing and delivering hands-on learning in land-based settings.  This evaluation report was conducted in 2015 and completes a two year study to assess which of the six Hope for Kids program indicators were positively impacted and to learn insights about each program from participants, their ʻohana and program staff.  In the report, PREL concludes:  “Based on the simple finding that both quantitative and qualitative results from both phases (2014 and 2015 data collection) were strikingly similar, it may be concluded that the results from the Spring 2014 phase were not a fluke or aberrations.  The Hope for Kids Initiative is achieving its short-term desired outcomes and it is doing it consistently over at least a two-year span.  Based on the underlying logic model, it can be inferred that intermediate and long-term outcomes will also be positive.”

Hope for Kids Executive Summary (PDF)

Hope for Kids Full Report (Executive Summary & Evaluation)  (PDF)