Hauʻoli Mau Loa Village (Waimea, Kauaʻi)

The Hauʻoli Mau Loa Village (the “Village”), a community of seven families, is located on 4.4 acres of land in Waimea Valley on the island of Kauaʻi. The Village (which the seven families helped build) consists of seven homes, a community center, a common agricultural area and private roadways (the “Project”). The Project’s successful completion was built upon bringing together as partners in this endeavor three distinct resources: the Village was conceived and funded by the Hauʻoli Mau Loa Foundation (the “Foundation”), developed by Kauaʻi Housing Development Corporation (“KHDC”), and integrated into the community of West Kauaʻi by Aletha Kaohi. The Project was implemented over a 4-year period and completed in the summer of 2000, at an all-inclusive cost of a fraction over $ 2 million.

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