Grantmaking Guidelines

Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation does not currently accept unsolicited proposals.

Hau‘oli Mau Loa Foundation received its full bequest from the benefactor, through an estate plan, in 2007.  In early 2008, when the Foundation hired its first staff, the Foundation began a process of developing program and grantmaking strategies that are consistent with the broad vision of the Foundation’s benefactor.

The board and senior staff conducted a series of discussions with non-profit leaders in and outside Hawai‘i, including those who run agencies, work in academia, set policy or provide funding.  A common message heard was that the Foundation needs to focus its resources to have a greater impact.  Combining what was learned from these discussions with an internal assessment of the Foundation’s earlier work has resulted in the confirmation of five grantmaking strategies:  Environment, First Generation Partners, Hope for Kids, Housing Projects and Humanitarian Relief.

Grantmaking Strategies:

  • Environment ~ the Foundation’s mission includes promoting stewardship, preservation and protection of the natural environment.  We are making grants in this field in both Hawai‘i and internationally.
  • First Generation Partners ~ we continue to support and foster longstanding funding relationships with six organizations in Hawai‘i.  Each of these partner organizations contributes, in very different ways, to the Foundation’s mission.
  • Hope for Kids ~ building on the Foundation’s mission to expand opportunities for children to build hope and a positive future, this grantmaking initiative provides support to partners who are working with children in programs that promote resiliency, develop life skills and instill a sense of environmental stewardship.
  • Housing Projects ~ building on the success of  Hauʻoli Mau Loa Village, an affordable housing community on Kauaʻi which the Foundation developed, we are currently working with Hawaiʻi Island Community Development Corporation (HICDC) to construct 30 affordable, self-help homes for families on Hawai’i Island.
  • Humanitarian Relief ~ the Foundation carries out humanitarian relief funding through Doctors Without Borders and Save the Children in response to natural and other emergencies and disasters, especially where other resources to respond are limited.

Our Grantmaking Approach:
We believe effective grantmaking requires successful, longer-term relationships between the Foundation and the organizations to which we provide funding.

In our funding relationships we look for partners who demonstrate strong leadership, passion for and creativity in delivering their mission, and a willingness to tackle the harder questions.  Collaboration, shared learning, reciprocal benefit and two-way trust are among the elements of our funding partnerships that we view as central to their success.