Hau’oli Mau Loa Foundation Team

Board of Directors

The five-person board of directors is made up of two “founding directors” who knew the benefactor well, the Foundation’s executive director, and two members who joined the board in Fall, 2014 and Summer, 2016.  Hans Bertram-Nothnagel was appointed to the board when the Foundation was initially started.  He served together with the Foundation benefactor as a two-person board until her passing in 1997.  When the benefactor passed away, Hans asked Wayne Pitluck to join him as a member of the board. They have served together since 1997.  In 2011, they invited the Foundation’s executive director, Janis Reischmann, to join the board. In November 2014, James Koshiba was invited to become a board member.  Born and raised in Honolulu, James brings a wealth of nonprofit and community development experience to his role on the board.   In June 2016, Kylee Pōmaikaʻi Mar became the fifth member of the board.  Kylee’s contributions to the board are drawn from her life’s work in education and the deep responsibility she feels to her home, Hawaiʻi.



Five individuals comprise the Foundation’s staff membership.  The staff works closely with the Foundation’s board.  From the office in downtown Honolulu, the staff members work on all aspects of Foundation operations from developing and implementing program strategies to ensuring the records of the Foundation are well maintained.